Posted by: realestatecaribbean | March 26, 2015

Dominica’s finest luxury essential oils

For those of you who follow our blog you will know that we do not only tell you about real estate but try to give you a flavour of Dominica . It is a big step moving to a country where you may not know any-one. I know how anxious you are and maybe questioning whether you have made the right decision as I did exactly that 18 years ago.


That’s why we  want to share with you the “Tranto Story” which is the story of Anthea George, a Dominican who was living in England but whose dream it was one day to return to Dominica and Tranto, a small settlement on the outskirts of the village of Castle Bruce on the East coast, where her parents grew up. Anthea’s  family own a beautiful estate at  Tranto  which has magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Anthea  saw one of the many business opportunities available in Dominica and decided to do something about it.



Anthea returned to Dominica  two years ago and since then she has established a business called,  “Cape Tranto ” which specializes in top of the range Essential oils.

Anthea George oils

Anthea  says she has  always been curious about coconut oil. Her mother grew up with it, and always spoke about the benefits of using it.Their Estate has coconut trees  in abundance. Coconut oil is often sold in shops  in Dominica for culinary purposes, although many of the older folk also use it for medicinal purposes . Anthea has established her business  creating the silkiest of essential oils which use coconut oil as their base.

She  said,”When I moved over here from the UK just over 2 years ago, I began to make  the oil, and experiment with fusions. The health benefits of using coconut are enormous, and coconut oil is being recognised globally for internal as well as external uses. I saw that the oil available locally was designed mainly for kitchen use. I decided to market my Virgin Coconut products for the health, wellness and beauty market. The oils are silky in texture, and of a very high quality. They fit well on a dressing table, bathroom or spa. The current range includes the plain Virgin Coconut Oil, and Eucalyptus, Bay Leaf and Lavender fusions. The health benefits of each product are numerous, and are 100% natural. The feed back from customers has been excellent.”
 I can testify, having used the oils, that this entrepreneur has placed Dominica on the world map when it comes to essential oils. They are light, silky and simply melt into the skin and are different to those I have purchased overseas. The bay leaf and coconut oil is great as a massage oil and helps to alleviate aches and pains. The pure coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer, without using all the deadly chemicals the beauty industry wants to throw at us. With the lavender oil just  put a drop on your pillow to help you sleep. Eucalyptus of course helps if you have a cold and are finding it difficult to breathe. If you are interested in making contact with Anthea visit her  at
There are so many plants growing in Dominica which have health giving properties, maybe some as yet even undiscovered. We feel that this  is the route that Dominica should take in terms of developing its economy. However, it is imperative that it is done in a sustainable way which does not destroy the environment in the process.
We have always maintained that those who come to live in Dominica are ahead of the curve  because they are investing in their health and wellness. It is not just a matter of choosing a place to live based on financial return. We have no doubt that there will be other success stories  both for Dominicans and those who choose to come to live here based around this developing industry. We wish Anthea continued success. This could be you!!

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